An Interview With Evil Girlfriend Media’s Mastermind

by limebirdlaura

Evil Girlfriend Media  is a small publisher that releases sci-fi, fantasy, and horror works, and they have just celebrated their 1st birthday! Happy Birthday to them! I of course am a big believer that the world really can’t have enough folks publishing sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Lucky for me I am friends with Katie Cord, the evil girlfriend herself!

I was able to snag myself and interview with her for all you lovely Limebird readers out there, so without further ado –

1. What has been your favorite thing about Evil Girlfriend Media since you started it up?

Connecting readers and writers, when a review goes up about how a story from one of the anthos impacted them, I know there is an author out there with a racing heart and joy pulsing through their veins. Story means so much to me from both sides (reader and writer), so to connect people, pushes me to continue onward. Plus, I’ve met some really cool people who I now consider friends from this journey.

2.  You’ve recently released 2 out of 3 “Three Little Word” anthologies (Witches, Stitches and Bitches and Roms, Bombs and Zoms), what was the idea behind that?

Originally, the three little word anthologies were ideas for short story collections that I wanted to write. I just loved the idea of taking three words and seeing what you could do with them. I actually have roughly sixteen- eighteen stories outlined for each of the anthos that I created for myself. However, as Evil Girlfriend Media started to go from grand idea to a real entity, I pitched the idea of an anthology series to my friends in the Cascade Writer’s group. They loved the idea. As they say… the rest is history.

3.  You’re releasing the third “Three Little Word” anthology Stamps, Vamps and Tramps soon, what is the release date for that and are you planning any more for the future?

Stamps, Tramps & Vamps will be out in early 2014. We do have plans to do one Three Little Words anthology every fall but we will not being doing three every year. I want to focus more on manuscripts. We have an amazing science fiction antho, Bless Your Mechanical Heart edited by Jennifer Brozek coming out in April 2014.

4. Can you describe Evil Girlfriend Media in three little words?

Really?! You’re going to make me do this? *Smiles* Encephalic, Germinal, Metamorphic

5. In addition to the anthologies, EGM has recently published a novel, can you tell me about it?

The Heart-Shaped Emblor is a paranormal YA novel that uses element of string theory, celtic mysticism, and metaphysics to tell the story of a young woman named Aislinn Moore. I really enjoyed this manuscript because we get to see this sort of weak girl turn into a warrior. She questions everything. I love that. One of the cool things about the book is that Alaina doesn’t skirt away from tough topics. One of the characters contracts a STD when he cheats on his girlfriend while the romantic lead has an anger issue that Aislinn tells to get help for or hit the road.

6. So, what’s the hardest part about what you do?

When you own a business, you never stop working. There are times when I can just be present in the moment and it is awesome, but as soon as I sit down at the computer, there is always work. Also, I don’t get to write as much as I’d like to. My creative muse gets really upset with me.

7. What is in store for the future for Evil Girlfriend Media?

We are releasing our third Three Little Words anthology in early 2014, a really cool science fiction antho in spring, and *fingers crossed* starting on an epic fantasy Kickstarter journey in June.  Alaina Ewing’s second book should be coming out, we’re in the talks for several other manuscripts, and still looking! I want to increase our readership and fan base exponentially over the next couple of years. We have very talented people writing for us. I want the world to read them.

8. So tell me, if you could share a root beer float with any famous horror icon, who would it be and why?

George Romero. The man pretty much has influenced my life since the age of seven. I’ve loved zombie movies ever since. Plus, he’s always exploring politics, racism, gender inequality, American consumerism, and the human psyche. I think we could have some amazing talks.
After him, Stephen King, I’ll never forget my Mom yelling at me to quit telling everyone, Children of the Corn was my favorite movie (I was five). That chanting music and Malachi scared me with such delight. I can hear the music now. Bless her heart, thank goodness she never censored me. I wouldn’t be the crazy lady I am today. Because of the movie, when I was old enough, I read any book of his that I could get my hands on! Carrie made me feel a little less freakish being an overweight nerdy girl who didn’t have many friends. Now if only I’d had some decent telepathic abilities…

So there you have it! Keep an eye out for more awesome books coming out from Evil Girlfriend Media. I have read and really enjoyed both Witches, Stitches and Bitches and Roms, Bombs and Zoms and absolutely recommend them to anyone out there who is a horror fan or a fan of short stories. Also if you’re a writer looking for someone to publish your works, they do take submissions from time to time so be sure to keep an eye on their website‘s submission page.

Now then…if you could have a root beer float with any horror icon, who would it be and why? For me you know it’d be Stephen King, that man pretty much defined my childhood!

8 Comments to “An Interview With Evil Girlfriend Media’s Mastermind”

  1. Really nice interview! Loved finding out more about Evil Girlfriend Media! I’m too much of a scaredy cat to read horror! hah xo

    • Thank you! You know what’s funny, I’m a major scaredy cat too! I don’t know why I started loving horror when I was a kid…it was just a thing that happened and I’ve been in love ever since…even though I get sooooo paranoid all the time at any little bump or thump I hear! (Or maybe I’m so paranoid all the time because of all the scary movies I watched as a kid..hmmmm)

  2. Wonderful interview. I’m currently reading Doctor Sleep by King. 😉

    • Thank you! How are you liking it? I got it on a two week loan from the library and I couldn’t put it down, I loved it!

      • I’m l.o.v.i.n.g. it. Sometimes I want to kiss King for his imaginative string of words, characters and situation. I’m ready to believe anything.
        I cannot believe how the Shining has come back even though I read it in the late seventies when it first came out.
        The trouble is I want to sit and read and read but life won’t allow that much time. Am only about a quarter way in and don’t want it to end. 😀

  3. Does a Disney villain count as a horror icon? 😉 That’s pretty much the extent of my horror reading/viewing. And if it does count, then I’d say Maleficent. She really scares the bejeebers out of me!

    Neat interview, Laura, and I really love the name ‘Evil Girlfriend Media’. Perfect!

    • I would say so, Maleficent is pretty nasty! I love her too, probably one of the best Disney villains, definitely a classic!

      Thank you! I love their name too, really sets the tone for what they’re offering!

  4. Great interview – it’s always nice to be reminded that publishers are human too and not TOTALLY scary alien creatures! 😉 Like I’ve said before, I’m not much of a horror fan, I don’t like to get scared, but I’ve read/seen the occasional horror that I’ve really liked if the story is clever or grips me in some way, but I don’t like gore.

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