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January 22, 2014

Gifts for Writers

by limebirdkate

Valentine’s Day is coming around the bend. This is a great chance to show the writer in your life how much you love and support his or her work. Or, if you’re a writer, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s Day as a way of hearting your own work?

Fitbit One. Writers spend most of their working time sitting, being inactive. Fitbit One is a wireless gadget that can help writers (or anyone, for that matter) lead a healthier lifestyle. Fitbit One helps you to track how often you’re moving, which in turn will motivate you to move more. It also monitors your sleep quality and teaches you how to improve your sleep habits. A healthy writer is a happy writer!

Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. Writers sometimes need to write on the go, especially writers who are squeezing in their projects among family, work, and life. This keyboard can be hooked up to an iPad and therefore enable writers to write anywhere. Hello, flexibility.

Writing accessories. Mix products from an office-supply store like Staples and a craft-supply store like Michaels and create fun office and desk accessories. You can mix and match containers, file folders, bookends, and writing tools, pile them into a wicker basket stuffed with tissue paper, and voila! A gift set to go. And…the wicker basket could be used as a wastebasket in the writer’s updated space. Now, that was easy.

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