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May 15, 2013

LimebirdVanessa Does Charles Dickens…Video Style

by limebirdvanessa

Back in November, LimebirdCat made a video  on location in North Yorkshire, at the original home of the Bronte sisters. This inspired me to produce my own video because I live close to an area which has a lot of links with Charles Dickens. It only took me six months to get around to it!

I wrote a short script, then called on my friend Stacey Morgan who has her own little film company called Morganic Films, and we filmed it. I started out with the intention of doing a serious piece, then I decided to throw in a bit of comedy, and in the end in was more about the comedy than about Charles Dickens! Still, the little bits of factual information I throw in are true and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing the location. I give you my Charles Dickens report…

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