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May 22, 2012

Interviewing for Magazine Articles

by limebirdvanessa

If you write articles for magazines, you may well need to interview someone as part of the research. Even articles which are not specifically about an individual can often be brought to life with a few well chosen quotes. I have interviewed people for magazine articles on several occasions and this is some of what I have learned along the way.

1) How to approach the person – If the person is based within an organisation, then check their website to see if they have a Press or Media Relations office (it could also come under Communications or Marketing). It is tempting to try to bypass this by going straight to the person you want to interview, however it is best not to. It is not simply a courtesy to go through the proper channels, it is also to your benefit. The Press Officer is your friend; they will recognise the potential benefit of the free publicity that your article could bring. They will probably be very helpful in arranging the interview, and also providing you with extra information and photographs if needed. I always use email for my initial approach, then I can ensure I cover everything I need to cover succinctly.

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