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October 23, 2013

All Hallow’s Read – Worldreader

by limebirddennis

On 23rd October 2010 Neil Gaiman made A Modest Proposal where he suggested that we needed more traditions related to the giving of books. He proposed that 31st October (All Hallow’s Eve) also be known as All Hallow’s Read; and encouraged people to give gifts of scary books.

Now I have been known to write the odd scary story or two, but I also felt that I wanted to do more than give the odd one or two books to people.

My first thought was to donate my books to South African libraries with e-reader programmes, but my research into how to do this was getting me nowhere. I asked Lauren Beukes for help and she pointed me in the direction of Worldreader.

What I found was an amazing organisation that is working to transform reading in the developing world by making eBooks available to all. Through projects to provide schools with e-readers such as the Kindle and through access to books on older, 2G, mobile phones (this is done through using innovative technology to reproduce the smart phone experience on a 2G phone).

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