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July 30, 2012

Young Adult fiction and ‘The Hunger Games’ – did I miss something?

by limebirdmike

[Warning: this blog contains spoilers and some content that may not be suitable for those of a weak or squeamish disposition. This blog also contains gore.]

I’ve just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy and I have to ask: what’s all the fuss about? Ok, so the first book’s definitely the best of the three, but even that’s pushing it. The characters are annoying at best and rarely are they developed sufficiently, while the first person ‘present tense’ perspective just doesn’t work.

But this blog isn’t about The Hunger Games as books, nor is it about the author or indeed the many fans of the books that there are out there. No, this blog is about the content, and what it reflects about us as a society.

The content is – and I don’t use this term lightly – horrific.

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