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July 10, 2013

Tips for Coaching New Writers

by LimebirdCat

As my health has slowly improved, I’ve got back into coaching.I have just the one protégé at the moment, a fantastically gifted young writer just finishing her 1st year at University.

I believe that the key to being a decent coach/editor/beta/tutor, is to offer helpful, insightful feedback and above all, encouragement. I’ve written on Limebirds in the past about the joy of encouraging new writers and how much that can mean to them. Just having a peer say ‘you’re doing fine, keep going’, can really make something of a difference.

If there are problems with a draft you’ve been sent, don’t hold back, you can’t be saccharin all the time. You have to be able to say, ‘here’s something to think about’ or ‘this needs to be looked at again, it goes a bit wobbly here’.

Honesty, but in a friendly, helpful tone is essential. Think about being in school in a way. Are your fond memories of your favourite teachers based more on them being abrupt, rude and discouraging? Or based on how warm, receptive and encouraging they were to you? That they recognised your weaknesses, as well as your achievements and encouraged you to strive for more.

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