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February 20, 2013

Why Not? — Fear of Failure

by LimebirdRaven

My dad was a work-aholic.  He decided to check out of his home life when things got a bit difficult.  He definitely taught me to work hard, but he didn’t teach me much else since he wasn’t a present force in my life.  The only other thing he really taught me was to be terrified (not just scared) of failing. For over a year now I’ve been stuck on my Pandora story.  Things got a little complicated for me and I chickened out.  I’ve had some good reasons for not working on it, but I’ve also had a lot of excuses.  I’m scared to put that much effort into something only to have it fail and it to all be a waste.  So in my dumb logic, apparently I decided it was better not to try than to try and have even a tiny chance for success.  Insert applause here.

Well, I’m still stuck and I have no idea what direction to take the PK story from here.  I really need more time to research Greek civilization.  Still…no matter how long it takes me given that I’m working and in school–both full time, I really want to finish PK and another project I’m working on writing.

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