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November 28, 2013

The USA celebrates Thanksgiving Day

by Neeks

Hi all!

Here is a little collaboration post from LimebirdNeeks and LimebirdLaura all about Thanksgiving! 🙂

Today is  Thanksgiving Day here in the good old USA.  Many cultures around the world gather to bless and be thankful for the bounty of the harvest, our holiday is on the 4th Thursday in November each year.  For many of us it is a time of family gatherings, huge feasts, work holidays and of course it officially ushers in Hanukkah and the Christmas season with Kwanzaa  soon to follow.

You may not know that the first Thanksgiving celebration lasted for 3 days.  Very likely venison, chicken and seafood  were the meats on hand.  Squash, onions, leeks, dried fruits, honey, maple syrup, nuts, salad vegetables and goat cheese were probably on the menu as well.  They did not have pumpkin pies, potatoes or cranberry sauce as many of our tables will.  I’m not even sure they had a turkey.   Did you know that they didn’t use forks?  They ate with knives, spoons and with their fingers.

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