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May 10, 2013

Back for more? That’s the spirit!

by Neeks

Soooo. My last post, one may recall, was about why I’m not writing. This one will be about wanting to. It’s for a snarky reason, I admit.

I’m reading a sci-fi book. I’m not going to name it; I don’t want to be unkind specifically. I’ll just be a little candid. A neutron star comes close enough to upset our solar system. We have a base on the moon as well as a space station and we can’t do long distance space travel yet. The Earth won‘t be able to escape.

With so many pen names out there it’s always hard to tell but I feel certain the author is a male. All the women are described as buxom and most are wearing tight spacesuits and clothing. Early on, the amount of cleavage a woman does or does not display is described each time one walks into a scene, as well as what everyone think about it. It isn’t risqué, so far there’s been nothing more than a few kisses but the character descriptions are a definite tell. I’m not saying that most men think that way or any such thing, don’t send me any nastygrams, but women simply don’t describe themselves like that.  I’ve never seen a book by a female author where the bosoms of every single woman are included in her character description. I found it amusing, even if it did pull me out of the story for a second when I noticed it.

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