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February 26, 2012

Gandalf vs. Green Lantern

by limebirdmike

The main inspiration for this blog arose a few weeks ago now when I was forced to endure the horrendous film that is Green Lantern. Now, I’m sure I’m probably going to offend some of you out there by saying this, but I think Green Lantern is possibly one of the worst films I’ve seen.

Why? Because it’s so flawed in terms of its fundamental concept, the plotting of the movie and its final presentation that the writer in me was literally screaming at the TV in frustration!

For a start, when your ‘power’ is the power of ‘will’ (basically, ‘stuff’), how on earth is the antithesis of ‘will’ supposed to be ‘fear’? Also, even if the antithesis of your power is ‘fear’, why is it that there is nothing to actually make fear ‘fear’. Simply being a different colour just doesn’t cut it!

With me so far? Unless you’ve seen the film, I’m guessing probably not, though this in itself is part of my point. If you can’t explain something back to yourself, then how as a writer do you expect to be able to explain your story to your audience?

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