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November 28, 2012

What Would Happen If…

by limebirdvanessa

When we are writing our novels, be it for NaNoWriMo or not, we can all reach phases in the writing where we become stuck. We either feel completely blocked, with no inspiration at all, or we are able to write, but feel it is lifeless and dull. There are many tips out there for gently reigniting our inspiration, but sometimes what we actually need to do is experiment with something drastic. Here are a few ideas…

1) Without any warning, make something dramatic happen – From nowhere, a space ship crash lands, slap bang in the middle of your story. Or maybe the building across the road suddenly explodes. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit for now, that’s what editing is for. How do your characters react to, and deal with, this sudden catastrophe? As you start writing about this event and the aftermath, an interesting thing will happen. Not only will you almost certainly have fun writing it, but you will very likely learn new things about your characters. Perhaps one of your characters will take charge of the situation and you will see that they have leadership qualities that you weren’t aware of; does this give you an idea for another situation in your story where their leadership qualities could be used? Or maybe one of your characters is so traumatised by the event, it reveals a flashback to a past trauma they experienced which adds another layer to their personality that can be used later on. In real life, when people are thrown into extreme situations, they often reveal sides to their personalities that are otherwise hidden, so throw your characters into extreme situations, and see what they reveal.

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