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November 20, 2013

Writers Anonymous

by limebirdkate

As a kid and as an adolescent, writing was my escape. I suffered from major social anxiety. I wasn’t one of the popular kids in school. I didn’t date. I was an average student because I was afraid that being too smart in school would alienate me further from the few friends I had. At home, I sequestered myself in my room, sought privacy in the apple tree, always writing, always imagining.

As time passed, I became more obsessed with writing. I took as many writing courses as I could, read all kinds of books, dreamed of being published. But I didn’t talk a lot about my writing, because I didn’t fully understand my relationship with it. Was it just a hobby? Was this a pipe dream? Was I even good enough? I didn’t know. Part of me was too insecure to discover what my writing self was made of. The other part of me couldn’t not write. Blend the two together and you get a half-assed writer.

I started believing I was a terrible writer, and I had no business trying to pursue my dream. But I couldn’t stop writing. Then, I felt guilty for writing. So, I told myself how awful I am at writing and that I should stop. But I couldn’t.

See the vicious cycle??

I am a writeaholic.

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