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January 16, 2013

The Year of Our Publication!

by Neeks

2013. I haven’t seen any others on here about it, so I’m going to jump in. You know, I’ve never worried very much about what my future held, always been satisfied to live in the moment and be happy with what I have. Sure I could really enjoy a nicer car, but the one I have works fine and gets me where I need to go (my mother would step in here and speak about people with lack of motivation and zero ambition but I digress – or I guess she would…lol).

After trying and completing NaNoWriMo for the first time (without cheating at all – I was afraid I would) I’m suddenly left with a novel. Yes, a novel (I’m still trying to convince myself). I’ve been writing feature articles for The Valdosta Magazine for 3 years now. I wrote a lot of poetry when I was young, and published some bit of it back then.  Those roots call out to me often. What if, this year, I decided to publish something in addition to a magazine article? Like, some poetry somewhere, or a short story?

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