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September 11, 2013

Book Giveaway Contest! The King’s Jewel

by limebirddennis

On the 16th August my fourth book (my second novel) was released as an ebook (while the previous three are also available in paperback, this one will only be coming out in physical copy for the Christmas rush…).

The main characters in this novel (and the four that are still to come) are all based on my own ancestors. Here’s the blurb to explain it a little more:

The Helix Key – Keeping the past free, so that tomorrow will survive.

The Kings Jewel Cover 2 - Small

 In Book One of The Helix Key series – The King’s Jewel – we are introduced to Shara Lane; a normal 2050s schoolgirl, lucky enough to be able to escape the English monsoon and visit her grandparents in South Africa, but just a normal twelve year old. Or so she thinks…

First there are Granddad’s stories about ancestors who were kings – gods even! Then there’s a stalker with a strange tale to tell. The next thing she knows, Shara is waking up in a palace, on a mission to retrieve alien technology from Alfred the Great! Thrown into the middle of an ages old conflict; what she does will shape humankind’s past and must protect its future.

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