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February 13, 2012

Now Is The Winter of My Discontent

by LimebirdCat

I’m at that point now in life where I’m nearly 30 and realising that I have not really done much or gone anywhere. I think I have literally spent my 20’s hacking away at the coal face to make a  crust and too much of life has passed me by in the meantime.

Now, to be fair, since I hit my 20’s in 2003, I have become a wife and a mother – the two most important things I would ever want to achieve in my life (two boxes ticked right there).

But if I’m being self-pitying (all woe is me!!) and selfish for a moment whilst I rummage through the box in my head that’s labelled ‘Things To Do Before I’m 30’, I find myself lacking in some areas.

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