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June 26, 2013

Limebird Book Club: Review of Kingmaker, Kingbreaker

by limebirdlaura

Stephen King once told me that any good writer must also be a good reader. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow Laura, you’re so lucky you spoke with Stephen King!” I know, I know…

OK so I’ve never actually¬†met Stephen King, but I’ve read his On Writing book enough times that I’m starting to feel like he’s an old friend giving me advice.

This summer I decided to join the Summer Reading Club at my local library. I thought it would be good for me twofold – it’s about a 30 minute walk from my house, and as they say reading is FUNdamental (does anyone remember that lovely line from grade school? It still make me cringe!)

Now that I’m trying to read though as many books as possible this summer, I thought I’d share my reviews with you all, and we can start our own Limebird Book Club! The thing about the Summer Reading is that we’re supposed to try new authors, read different genres we never would have before, get into new series – and hopefully through the summer I can impart some of that onto you all as well.

So without further ado – I give you my review of not only one, but the two books that make up the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series by Karen MillerThe Innocent Mage, and The Awakened Mage (also known as Innocence Lost).









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