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August 7, 2013

Reading for the Craft

by Neeks

I subscribe to “Poets & Writers.” It’s published bimonthly, and is full of articles, illustrations, contest info and publishing info. I keep them in the library (aka my bathroom) and eventually read them from cover to cover. There are always plenty of good interviews with new and established writers and poets. Editors and publishers endlessly debate eBooks vs. big house printing, writer’s retreats vs. conventions and other such notable subjects.

Contest winners explain their thought processes, points of view and work ethic. Different articles point out writer’s fests and book fairs as well as give advice from editors, agents and publishers. I’ve found the magazines to be helpful enough to continue the subscription. Normally I will find a deal on a magazine and subscribe for that year. When the time is up I cancel the magazine and pick another one at discount. If you keep them after the discount period you have to pay the normal full price. Being laid off last year and having a college-aged teen that I’ve raised as a single parent has impressed upon me the need to be creative. This is the only writing magazine I’ve found (in the discount arena) and interestingly enough – the only subscription I’ve ever let continue to the second year. The things we do for our craft.

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