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August 21, 2013

The Power Of Language – ‘Vile’

by LimebirdCat

I was recently engaged in a discussion (not an argument, I hasten to add) on Twitter with a fellow language enthusiast, although her main field of interest is science. We were discussing the impact and perception of one particular word whose over use had become something of an annoyance to her: vile.

To me, as a writer, I find the word vile particularly powerful and meaningful. I generally don’t use it in everyday speech, unless I am describing a principally awful situation or incident. I disagree with using words outside of their context too much.

In recent times, the overuse of the word vile has led to a sort of misconception of it and, when it has been thought about and analysed, it would appear people are viewing one small area of the word’s entire functionality.

A word has many impacts. The actual physical way you say it – the way your tongue, teeth and the rest of your biological vocal equipment say the word itself, can lead to a perception of the word.

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