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March 27, 2013


by Neeks

I haven’t written on my blog for almost a full year now. I need to do some stories for various things and find myself more often than not peeling grapes just to get out of doing the writing that I profess to love doing.

Writer’s block? I don‘t know. I still do the magazine articles I need to do. I’ve submitted them way ahead of deadline and they’ve been more creative than ever (over 3 years now and I haven’t been late yet, thank heavens). I’ve entered contests and trying to remember to do the bits on Fridays for the 100 word prompt… but somehow that’s all I have to say. I got an honorable mention in a short story contest, which was cool.

I did Nano in 2012. I haven’t touched the file since November 31st. The icon sits on my desktop and shames me every time I turn my computer on. “Go ahead, check your email, I’ll just siiiiiiiit here. No really, don’t worry about me…”

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