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March 20, 2013

The Group You Land In

by limebirdamber

I think most people can be split into those who could be a writer and writers.

You’re reading our site, so I’m just going to assume you have a love for the written word, and maybe even want to write your own stories someday. Or maybe you are already writing them. That’s great and wonderful, and all, but there’s a distinction I’m going to make right now. I hope you take the message in the spirit it’s offered.

You, and me, we’re going to fall into one of two groups: Writers, and people who want to be Writers. Writerwanas, if you use the word I made up just now. Writers write, even when they don’t want to. Writerwanas will talk to you about their characters or worlds or spell out in every detail the plot to the next New York Time’s Best Seller they’re going to write, but will have no words to the idea.

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