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June 26, 2012

Writing Journey of The Non-Fiction Book

by limebirdvanessa

I am on a non-fiction book writing journey. It is rather like taking a long road trip:

– I must ensure my tank is topped up regularly (for me, this means endless intake of coffee and snacks whilst writing).
– Sometimes I need to stop for repairs (despite my intention to just keep writing, there are times when I have to stop, assess the damage, and fix a few things in my writing before I can move on).
– I have long stop-offs that repeatedly put the journey on hold (my kids, my day job, my life).
– Sometimes I have a passenger (my partner, on whose shoulder I will sob “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” and he will say “You can! You can! I will buy you a burger from a cheap roadside cafe, I will put air in your tyres, and then you can get back in the car, do your seat belt up and carry on with the journey”. And he does, and I do).

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