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April 1, 2013

Ready, Steady, Blog!

by limebirddennis

a-z challenge

So, it’s April 1st (watch out for practical jokers!). In a previous post about the Blogging From A To Z Challenge I talked about the whole concept of writing 26 alphabetically themed blog posts in a month. So this is just a short post to remind people that it’s happening and to wish good luck to everyone who is participating.

I have been hard at work preparing posts – I managed to write 13 of my 26 articles prior to April! (My first post over at The Terran Dream Archive’s Peering into the Dark blog “A is for Artificial Intelligence” talks about various science fictional AIs and ends with one of my science fiction poems.)

So, go forth, read many blogs, and learn of all the delights that can be conjured up by 26 little letters!