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March 10, 2012

Notes: Paper Vs Electronic.

by limebirdlizzie

I had such a varied response from my post “Organising facts and details in your writing” that I had to write about it again, this time factoring in Scrivenor. Now I will freely admit to not knowing that this existed until I started receiving comments on my last blog post to Limebirds. I had never looked into electronically storing my files further than a few word documents stored in different files on my hard drive. Personally I would it tiring to look through each one searching for what I needed which was why I preferred pen and paper.

I’ve since looked up Scrivenor and am considering giving it a try when I start the second book in the current series I’m writing just to see how it compares with the old fashioned method of note taking. However, I think what it comes down to in the end is the paper Vs electronic debate. Now I own a Kindle device and when I was at University it was extremely helpful because I didn’t have to carry around all the books I had to take to my classes but nothing compares with the feeling the weight of a book in your hands, just maybe not in your bag all day long.

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