100 Word Challenge – ‘Take a leap of faith’

by limebirdwriters

It’s Friday again, yay. Which means it’s 100 Word Challenge day! This week’s 100 Word Challenge prompt from Julia’s Place is ‘take a leap of faith’ and like last week, we don’t have to use the words in the prompt.

100 word challenge

This week we have myself, LimebirdKate, LimebirdLaura and LimebirdSally taking part.


bethpicture“Come on, you have to jump. Please, I promise I’ll catch you. ”

“I can’t, I won’t make it. It’s too far.” Eva was panicking. The stairs in their family home had completely succumbed to the fire, leaving her trapped on the landing.

“You can, I’ll catch you. Please.”  Jake looked up at his wife, arms outstretched pleading with her to move, knowing they didn’t have much time.

Eva nervously dotted her eyes back and forth trying to muster up the courage. She took a step back and prepared herself to make the leap… just as the floor caved in.



…take a leap of faith…

She’d belonged to the wheelchair for so long, she forgot what it felt like to put her feet on the floor. To roll from heel to toe. She hadn’t swayed her hips since the accident, and forgot what walking sexy meant. Now they wanted her to do what? Were they crazy? They were crazy because they had her by each arm. The floor felt unstable even though it was flat, smooth. Her knees shook from being asked to perform. Take a step, they urged. She jerked one leg forward. She giggled. They applauded. Cheered her on to her new life.


laura“You say it’s your birthday! It’s my birthday too, yeah!”

“Please, no Beatles while we do this…”

“But it’s our birthday.”

“I like the Beatles, I don’t want to equate them with this.”

“You’re such a party pooper! They say it’s your birthday, we’re gonna have a good time!”

“You think this will be a good time?”

“It’ll keep you alive, sounds pretty good.”

“We don’t know that for sure!”

“Don’t be a downer…”

“And what if you need it later?”

“Puh-leeze! Mom would kill me if I didn’t hand it over. Just take care of the kidney this time.”



“It is time.”

Lady Jane Grey bowed her head obediently but she was struck by the intoxicating thought that she could just refuse.

I shall not be queen!

“It is God’s will,” her father kept on telling her. But all she could see was the will of a greedy, ambitious man.

But who could she trust if not her father?


“What shall I do? Where is it?” cried Lady Jane Grey, the blindfold shielding her view as she fumbled for the block. Assisted by the Deputy Lieutenant of the Tower, she lay her down her head and was beheaded.

[NB based on fact. Lady Jane Grey was the, “Nine days queen of England,” executed for treason in 1554 at the age of sixteen.]

14 Comments to “100 Word Challenge – ‘Take a leap of faith’”

  1. Such good stories, all of them…and all so different! You ladies are truly impressive.

  2. These are all wonderful!

    Kate, I truly loved yours. Those feelings are all so true, for the leaper as well as those helping her along. It’s touching and elating at the same time. Made me tear up a little bit, too.

    I’ve got to keep on top of these!

    • Hi Mayumi,

      Thank you so much. I enjoyed writing it. These are great challenges because I get so lost in that one, brief moment which I haven’t done a lot of prep for. Unlike my fiction where I will agonize and research and outline, this coaxes me out of that box and wing it.

      Please do stay on top of them, and try one for yourself. There is a new one every week at Julia’s Place.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Beth: Gulp! Did she make it? Did the floor cave in AS she leapt, or just after… You certainly have me worried. Great tension!
    Kate: Lovely story – you can really feel her anxiety, but also the hope as she tries to walk again.
    Laura:I was a little lost, but hope I’ve got it right. Is this a twin donating an organ?? Maybe I’m on the wrong tack altogether!
    Sally: I left a comment on your other blog where you posted this story! I think it’s sitting in your spam bin! WordPress usually bin non WordPress comments! If you find it, please post it, then I’ll be recognised next time!! 🙂

    • Yep you are right. I was trying my hand at dialogue only like Neeks post was about a few weeks ago. 🙂

    • Hi Writing,

      Thank you. I’m glad you could feel the conflicting emotions there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Naughty wordpress, I would never have even realised! I’ve only now discovered I have a spam folder and to be fair it is full of people like “wisdom willie” offering advice on generating online income, but I have now found your comment. Thank you for stopping by and reading (on both blogs!) and I’m really sorry I missed it before. I’ll keep my eye on that in future. Yes Lady Jane Grey’s is a tragic story.

    • Thanks Writing from the Edge! Hmm, well I guess that’s up to the readers to decide! 😛

  4. Love these! Great job everyone. I SWEAR I will be on time someday.

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